Mental Health and Wellness for Lawyers: Diversifying and Scaling Up Care Options


The high level of stress and heavy workloads in the legal industry are drastically impacting the mental health of legal professionals. While the alarming rise in the number of affected lawyers has sparked preventive measures to nurture their mental health, other issues like stigma and fear of the negative implications on their careers are what hold lawyers back from speaking up. Thus, fostering awareness of the mental health challenges facing the profession and highlighting solutions are critical in upholding a meaningful workplace culture and work-life balance among lawyers.

Significant FDA Developments: Prepare for What’s Next in 2023


The previous year witnessed a shift in the food and drug regulatory landscape with new legislation and policies, key developments in food and medical technology, and supply chain disruptions. As a result, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now set its focus on improving food traceability and labeling, advancing digital health technology, and addressing drug development and regulation, among other issues.

Advancing Trial Skills: Critical Steps to an Effective Cross-Examination


One integral aspect to increase the chances of winning a trial is the use of cross-examination. While this approach takes extensive planning and preparation, a properly executed and effective cross-examination can be an opportunity to test the reliability and credibility of witness evidence, expose weaknesses, and likely produce a favorable testimony. Thus, practitioners must develop sound strategies and calculated trial preparations to avoid disjointed cross-examination.

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