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Assessing Value: Unraveling Damages in Patent Infringement Lawsuits


Patent infringement damages refer to the compensation awarded to a patent holder when someone unlawfully uses, makes, or sells their patented invention. Explore this infographic showcasing the various types of damages that can be awarded to patent holders. Learn more at our webcast: Navigating Challenges in Patent Damages Analysis: Key Considerations for Litigants and Counsel Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

Assessing Value: Unraveling Damages in Patent Infringement Lawsuits2023-12-18T04:52:51-05:00

Patent Infringement Damages: What You Must Know


A patent is granted to an owner to protect their intellectual property from unauthorized selling or manufacturing of their invention. Once the invention is monetized by others without the permission of the owner, the patent owner can choose to sue for damages in federal court. If proven that there is patent infringement, Section 284 of the Patent Act will govern the awards against the damages in patent litigation. One of the advantages of winning in legal action is that a patent infringement damage can be awarded—a sum of money that can help restore lost finances after [...]

Patent Infringement Damages: What You Must Know2023-12-18T04:50:22-05:00

Major Antitrust Laws in the U.S.


Antitrust laws in the United States are designed to promote fair competition and prevent monopolies. In this infographic, we will provide a brief overview of these key antitrust laws! Join our webinar: Antitrust Merger Enforcement: Significant Regulatory Developments and Issues Explored   Upcoming Webcasts Related Webcasts back

Major Antitrust Laws in the U.S.2023-04-10T02:26:20-04:00

Antitrust Merger Enforcement Update


Antitrust merger enforcement refers to the legal process through which The Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ensure that mergers and acquisitions do not violate antitrust laws. The primary goal of antitrust merger enforcement is to prevent companies from gaining too much power in the market, which could lead to reduced competition and higher prices for consumers. This year, the agencies will soon release a draft revised merger guideline. This new guideline could bring more transparency, particularly in merger reviews. In anticipation of the regulatory landscape for mergers [...]

Antitrust Merger Enforcement Update2023-03-29T04:55:41-04:00

Tencent Faces Huge Anti-Money Laundering Fine


Tencent is not a new name in Asian technology markets. However, finding their moniker in the list of confirmed criminal operations isn’t something one sees every day. Unfortunately, for the tech giant’s management, Beijing has other opinions working in full force. The Chinese government has identified Tencent as directly responsible for serious money management violations spelled out in financial regulations. The punishment will set records for how much Tencent will have to pay out in retribution. China has made 2021 the year that it got rid of massive crypto mining, but what was not overtly visible [...]

Tencent Faces Huge Anti-Money Laundering Fine2022-04-17T21:07:51-04:00

Apple, WiLAN Sign New License Agreement, Settlling Patent Fight


While everyone thought the case was going to drag out in a long bruising run of attrition where Apple likely had the upper hand in with its cash reserves, the lawsuit brought by WiLAN Inc.. with the computer company has just been settled instead. The patent dispute was resolved quickly after Apple convinced a US appeals court in February to reject a jury’s $85 million award to WiLAN. The settlement essentially closes a chapter in WiLAN’s involvement with Apple, including all claims and issues that were brought up in three different countries. From Canada to Germany [...]

Apple, WiLAN Sign New License Agreement, Settlling Patent Fight2022-04-17T23:45:57-04:00

How to Develop Patent Portfolios that Deliver Maximum Value


A patent portfolio plays a significant role in the overall value of a business. Every business leader must recognize that a solid business goal requires a properly managed portfolio to generate the maximum value for the company. Technological advancements continue to shape the IP landscape. One prominent example is the impact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating on the patent system. According to a recent article by PatSnap, besides the changes in the Patent Act, assimilation of the internet into society also transformed patent practices. AI has allowed easier access to patent records, transforming the legal [...]

How to Develop Patent Portfolios that Deliver Maximum Value2022-04-05T23:03:56-04:00

Toyota Japan Halts Operations Due to Recent Cyberattack


TOKYO, Feb 28 - Top car manufacturer Toyota suspended operations at 14 of its Japanese plants after a suspected cyberattack hit one of its major suppliers in the region. Since the breach happened to a third-party supplier, Toyota has declined to comment on the nature of the attack, only stating that the target was Kojima Industries – a company that provides Toyota with plastic parts and electric components. However, Toyota has certainly felt the impact of this attack against Kojima Industries. Shutting down 14 Japanese plants has affected the production of about ten thousand Toyota vehicles, [...]

Toyota Japan Halts Operations Due to Recent Cyberattack2022-06-13T05:59:23-04:00

iPhone Patent Dispute: Everything You Need to Know


For the past eight years, Apple has been mired in a patent dispute with the company Wi-Lan over the technology found in Apple's iPhone 5 series and iPhone 6 series smartphones. It's a dispute that has seen two separate trials over the past eight years and one that stems from bandwidth technology that enables a “subscriber unit” rather instead of the “base station” to allocate bandwidth. Now, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has decided to move forward with a third damages trial in this ongoing dispute. In an attempt to avoid a third damages trial, Apple [...]

iPhone Patent Dispute: Everything You Need to Know2022-08-29T04:13:19-04:00

Credit Suisse Chairman Resigns Over COVID Breache


After serving as the chairman of banking giant Credit Suisse for just nine months, Antonio Horta-Osorio is now resigning from his position following an internal investigation that found Horta-Osorio guilty of breaching the bank's COVID quarantine rules. The investigation revealed that Horta-Osorio attended the Wimbledon tennis finals in July 2021. At the time that he attended this event, though, Horta-Osorio had not yet fulfilled the United Kingdom's quarantine requirements for travelers entering the country. According to an article published by Reuters, Horta-Osorio is also said to have violated Swiss COVID restrictions when he allegedly flew into [...]

Credit Suisse Chairman Resigns Over COVID Breache2022-02-08T04:24:49-05:00

Nike Files Lawsuit Against Lululemon Over Patent Infringement Claims


Lululemon's Mirror fitness device and its corresponding apps have quickly become some of the most popular home fitness products on the market today, providing users with the ability to complete customized workouts and even work alongside virtual personal trainers from the comfort of their own home. Unfortunately for Lululemon, Nike is now alleging that the Mirror and its ecosphere of digital products infringe on numerous patents that Nike has held since 1983.  Nike claims to have filed a patent for a device that tracks workout metrics such as a runner's speed, calories burned, and distance traveled [...]

Nike Files Lawsuit Against Lululemon Over Patent Infringement Claims2022-01-11T22:41:29-05:00

Antitrust Onslaught? These Tech Giants Could be in Jeopardy


For years, tech giants such as Facebook, Apple, and Google have benefited from a relative lack of regulation. During that time, these tech giants have grown to become immensely powerful, wielding an incredible amount of control over the daily lives of their users and the world at large. Now, however, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are finally coming to the conclusion that these tech giants have become too powerful - and an onslaught of antitrust laws could soon follow. In the House and Senate, a slew of new antitrust laws designed to target Big [...]

Antitrust Onslaught? These Tech Giants Could be in Jeopardy2022-01-11T22:56:45-05:00

Zero-Trust: Everything You Need to Know


According to the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), supply chain cyberattacks in 2021 are on track to quadruple the number of attacks that occurred the previous year. Faced with this rapidly growing threat, many companies are struggling for solutions to keep their supply chains secure. One such solution that offers a lot of promise, though, is a zero-trust approach to supply chain cybersecurity. A zero-trust cybersecurity approach entails requiring thorough verification for all user accounts, applications, and assets that will be accessing the company's systems. Rather than assuming that a partner and its products are [...]

Zero-Trust: Everything You Need to Know2022-01-12T00:10:42-05:00

Trade Secret Lawsuit: Pfizer Says Former Employee Stole Confidential Documents


Pfizer has recently filed a lawsuit against one of its former employees, Chun Xioa Li, alleging that she stole trade secrets and misled Pfizer about her reasons for doing so before resigning from the company. In a brief that was filed on November 23, Pfizer alleges that Chun Xioa Li uploaded over 12,000 documents to her private Google Drive account, including documents related to the company's COVID-19 vaccine as well as documents relating to other confidential drugs that Pfizer is working to produce. Chun Xioa Li first began working for Pfizer in 2006 as an associate director of statistics in [...]

Trade Secret Lawsuit: Pfizer Says Former Employee Stole Confidential Documents2022-01-22T11:47:31-05:00

In Focus: Information Governance (IG) – A Quantum Leap in Information Management


In today’s era of technological advances, adopting a data-driven culture in an organization may be a good starting approach to a sound IG program. While this would entail commitment from all levels of the organization, all too often, it is a powerful spur that brings an IG program straight to its goal - compliance and robust decision-making across company size. Across data sources, information speaks volumes. That is why treating a company’s information as a valuable asset is equally rewarding as having a doable framework of IG policies and strategic governance. Transforming a company’s information into [...]

In Focus: Information Governance (IG) – A Quantum Leap in Information Management2022-08-28T22:28:40-04:00
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