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The Knowledge Group does a great job organizing and producing the webcasts. My contact kept the process on track. At one point we needed to reschedule the date due to a panelists scheduling conflict, and TKG was very accommodating. After the webcast we promptly received the audience reviews and composition. It’s all very professionally done.

I heard from Eric, and Tiffany of marketing VP who was sitting with Eric throughout, that the webinar went really well. Congratulations. Thanks for your excellent organization and clear communications. I’m sure that contributed to the successful event.

“Overall a great team to work with at the Knowledge Group. Great preparatory work and communication.”

TKG is always very organized and professional and keeps everyone on track.
Very well run and organized. Clear instructions on how to prepare and participate.
I thought The Knowledge Group did an outstanding job in follow-up and ensuring program went well while minimizing demands upon speakers.
Everyone from The Knowledge Group was professional and extremely helpful. Rochelle was particularly helpful in trying to “herd the cats”. She was always very proactive in ensuring we were hitting our deadlines and then following up when we didn’t. Always very professional in her response. Keep up the great work as I know this area is particularly challenging.
Loren and the Knowledge Group did an outstanding job coordinating the event. It was a pleasure working with them.
This is my first experience with the Knowledge Group and I was thoroughly impressed with their preparation and responsiveness. The marketing materials were also very professional and well done. I look forward to working with them again on future events. Thanks!
Kathleen Massimo, Partner, Houser LLP

I had a wonderful time presenting last week and thank you for inviting me. The feedback was good so hopefully the attendees enjoyed it, too.

Would be happy to participate in the future.

We would love to work with you all again. Thank you for everything.

It was great working with you and the Knowledge Group again!

Jennifer A. Riley, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

I really enjoyed the presentation and would welcome the opportunity to participate again.

Y’all were amazingly well organized, thanks very much.

I enjoyed the program and thought the fact that it fell on a day that the House Speaker is addressing (albeit to try to quash for now) imm proposals demonstrates the timeliness of this topic. It was my pleasure and I look forward to working with The Knowledge Group again.

Elizabeth E. Stern, Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP
Definitely. Great panel and great event.
Thank you. I thought you all did a great job, and I appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

“I registered for “The Future of Executive Compensation” and watched the recording of it today.  Excellent!  And thanks for your help.”

Thank you so much. I truly enjoyed the training. Have a great day!

Nichelle James-Mickens, Director, Human Resources, HD Supply

Hope all is well. Looking forward to working with you folks again in the near future!

Patricia L. Beaty, Partner, Krieg DeVault LLP