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The Vital Role of Patent Portfolio Management in Your Business


Innovative business leaders must recognize the significant role of strategic patent portfolio management as part of achieving growth and efficiency for the company. Take a look at our infographic below to find out how you can confidently manage your patent portfolios! Interested in learning more about patent portfolio management (PPM)? Play this webcast recording where industry experts discussed PPM tools and best practices! Turn IP assets into a competitive advantage, connect with PatSnap! Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back [...]

The Vital Role of Patent Portfolio Management in Your Business2022-04-20T02:17:07-04:00

Oracle Ranked as Leader in AML Defenses


Quadrant Knowledge Solutions has released its latest SPARK Matrix analysis, an industry benchmark report specific to anti-money laundering (AML) technology. The review rates both customer support and impact as well as technology performance with regards to system deliverables. Oracle has taken the top spot, scoring the highest ratings versus its peers in the industry both on the customer side as well as on technological infrastructure aspects. The SPARK Matrix has been used regularly to understand the movement and response of technology and anti-crime systems to money laundering. Covering everything from major vendors to development trends and [...]

Oracle Ranked as Leader in AML Defenses2022-05-18T01:56:41-04:00

J&J Snack Foods’ ERP Implementation Woes


Ask anyone how easy the job is for someone involved in a major IT systems project, particularly one involving enterprise resource planning or ERP, and he will flick a look of hate and might even stop talking to you for the day. ERP implementation is one of the most hated roles in IT adoption for companies over the last decade, and it has led to thousands of burned-out project managers every year. The latest debacle at J&J Snack Foods Corporation is no exception. J&J Snack Foods decided to move forward with a new ERP system in [...]

J&J Snack Foods’ ERP Implementation Woes2022-05-16T04:06:30-04:00

Real-world Advantages of Script-less Automation


Switching to script-less test automation has gained magnified prominence today. Allowing software teams to rapidly roll out software releases, is a huge boon that companies have in mind with script-less testing. Discover what script-less automation can do for your organization. Explore practical strategies to achieve higher efficiency with QA automation. Sign up to watch our Webcast Or check out these powerful digital solutions, offered by Marlabs. Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

Real-world Advantages of Script-less Automation2022-05-15T22:18:26-04:00

Potential Asbestos Hazard in East Cleveland


East Cleveland homeowners have voiced their concern over the potential asbestos hazard at a demolition site in their neighborhood. One of them was Billy Reaves who has lived in the place for 28-years. She was extremely bothered about the asbestos-contaminated demolition debris which was left uncovered and could affect everyone in the area. The amount of asbestos potentially available to go airborne could, in Reaves' opinion, spread across the neighborhood, blown by local winds daily. It’s been at least five weeks since the original building was torn down and left in a pile of rubble, but [...]

Potential Asbestos Hazard in East Cleveland2022-05-11T01:51:30-04:00

U.S. Lauds Taiwan on Trade Secrets Protections


In an indirect snub to mainland China and expected support of Taiwan, the U.S. federal government made a clear and distinct notice of support to the island country’s trade secrets protections, incorporating the statement in a broader policy statement on fighting online piracy. Integrated within the 2022 Special 301 Report, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) under Ambassador Katherine Tai reasserted the Biden Administration’s push to emphasize solidarity with Taiwan but doing so without direct saber-rattling. Using economic risk and trade piracy as the forum instead, the USTR lauded Taiwan along with European [...]

U.S. Lauds Taiwan on Trade Secrets Protections2022-05-10T03:22:51-04:00

Crypto Bank Violated Anti-Money Laundering Rules


As the march towards increased regulation of cryptocurrency activity becomes more and more formalized, additional entities and financial institutions will find themselves increasingly scrutinized by the federal government if they engage in crypto activities. That was the case for Anchorage Digital Bank National Association and its failure to comply with new anti-money laundering requirements. Anchorage Digital received the green light to operate financially as an institution when it obtained a national trust bank charter from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) in January 2021. As part of the approval, the institution was also [...]

Crypto Bank Violated Anti-Money Laundering Rules2022-05-04T23:12:44-04:00

Antitrust Bill Scares Big Tech


If some remember, when the federal government decided to tear apart AT&T, better known as Ma Bell at the time, it pretty much utilized the anti-trust statutes to break the phone company apart and dissolve its monopoly. The same dormant muscle is starting to twitch again when it comes to monster tech companies like Google and Amazon. Both corporations have grown to an immense size, and that has given the current Administration, particularly, the Justice Department, the impetus to prevent the tech giants from unfairly favoring their products and services over their competitors. Anti-Trust Power is [...]

Antitrust Bill Scares Big Tech2022-04-18T22:24:45-04:00

Patent Portfolio Management Today


A well-managed portfolio provides invaluable rewards to companies, thus business leaders must recognize the value of having sound patent portfolio management (PPM) strategies. Below is an important insight you shouldn’t miss about PPM! Explore best practices and tools in patent portfolio management, get this Webcast recording. Want to turn IP assets into a competitive advantage? Get in touch with PatSnap! Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

Patent Portfolio Management Today2022-04-18T02:36:17-04:00

C2FO’s $200 Billion Funding Milestone


When a business reports big profits, it always gets the market’s attention. When the same company aims for the moon with its expected future profit targets, the same company gets accolades or raised eyebrows, depending on the confidence in that company’s leadership. That’s the case with working capital fintech C2FO, which just pegged a growth of $200 million in four years. The company already has a revenue base of $1 trillion. Similar to many other online intermediaries, C2FO works as a digital environment- provider. Their website facilitates the ability for buyers and suppliers to come together [...]

C2FO’s $200 Billion Funding Milestone2022-05-02T22:23:55-04:00

Challenges Faced by Legal Professionals in Privilege Review


Being a crucial aspect of an attorney-client relationship, privilege review is both important and complex. But what makes privilege review even more challenging?  Here’s a quick guide to privilege review and how you can reduce potential privilege volume. Stay in the loop with the current state of privilege identification, review, and logging. Sign up to watch our on-demand Webcast on Privilege Review. Looking for business transformation solutions? Get in touch with Epiq. Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back [...]

Challenges Faced by Legal Professionals in Privilege Review2022-05-01T22:21:49-04:00

A$20 Billion KKR Bid for Australia’s Ramsay Health Care


Global giant KKR continues to move on opportunities in a market that has a lot of players sitting on the sidelines. With a $20 billion tab, the private equity firm moved to add Australia’s Ramsay Health Care to its portfolio. The bid was pending but insiders are fairly convinced that KKR’s offer is a serious realization. Ramsay Health spokespeople haven’t said much on the matter, staying silent versus trumpeting the issue, but the health company was already reaching $15 billion in valuation by Tuesday night. As Australia’s largest private care provider as well as having a [...]

A$20 Billion KKR Bid for Australia’s Ramsay Health Care2022-04-28T02:26:08-04:00

Panasonic Cyberattack: 2nd Time Within Six Months


Hackers like to go after tried-and-true victims. And in the case of Japanese tech giant Panasonic, the attackers didn’t even wait a full year before hitting the company again. February 2022 might have possibly marked the beginning of the end of winter, but for Panasonic it was instead the beginning of hack attack round two, hitting the company’s Canadian network in another orchestrated cyberattack. The response was immediate once the breach was identified. The company went through the requisite process of shutting off access. Wiping everything clean and restoring business redundancy for a sanitized operation again. [...]

Panasonic Cyberattack: 2nd Time Within Six Months2022-04-24T22:06:08-04:00

Script-less Test Automation: An Introduction


So, what exactly is scriptless automation? Check out our infographic below to give you an idea of how scriptless automation works and the value it holds for your business. Want to learn how you can achieve higher efficiency with QA automation? Sign up to watch our Webcast. Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

Script-less Test Automation: An Introduction2022-04-24T21:32:58-04:00

File-Based Protection You Need Now


New and sophisticated file threats continue to sit center stage as the world becomes more digitally connected –highlighting the need for data security solutions to catch up. Find out why you shouldn't rely on traditional security methods to protect your confidential business data. Read on below. Stay up to date with Cybersecurity trends and developments, get this Webcast recording or get in touch with Glasswall to learn more! Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

File-Based Protection You Need Now2022-04-18T02:20:49-04:00
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