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An Up-Close Look at NFT’s Game-Changing Potential


Modern businesses are experiencing breakthroughs in technological advances. In the digital assets space, the rise of non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs, plays no exception to these innovations. Their convenient use lures many investors and individuals to explore its promising growth opportunities. More to authenticating ownership of a resource, identity is secured through blockchain technology. That is why many are still confident to jump on the bandwagon despite its legal issues. Read on and discover how NFTs can benefit today’s businesses and at most- modern living. What are NFTs? NFTs are tokens representing real-world resources [...]

An Up-Close Look at NFT’s Game-Changing Potential2023-01-25T03:39:05-05:00

What are NFTs & How do they work?


Interested in NFTs? Do you know what are they and how they work? Find out more in this infographic! Join our webinar: NFTs and Cryptocurrency: Recent Developments and Legal Issues You Should Be Aware Of Related Webcasts Related Webcasts back

What are NFTs & How do they work?2023-01-25T03:33:55-05:00

3 Common Methods for Calculating Lost Profit Damages


Here are the 3 common methods for calculating lost profit damages. Find out in this infographic! Learn more in our webinar: Commercial Litigation: Understanding and Calculating Lost Profit Damages   Upcoming Webcasts Related Webcasts back

3 Common Methods for Calculating Lost Profit Damages2023-01-18T03:06:42-05:00

Lost Profits in Commercial Litigation


Loss of profit claims can arise in different cases, such as a breach of contract, business tort, insurance claim, personal injury, or fraud. However, measuring lost profit damages is a complicated process requiring expert analysis of financial records and data. So what exactly are lost profits? Lost profits refer to the amount of money a plaintiff would have earned if the tort or breach had not occurred. For instance, Company A does not provide Company B with its requested materials for production. As a result, Company B loses out on orders, making Company A liable [...]

Lost Profits in Commercial Litigation2023-01-17T03:17:42-05:00

FDA’s Role in Drug Development Today


Ensuring health products are safe and effective is a strong call of duty for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The journey to approve a drug candidate for usage is complex, time-consuming, and thorough. But this is all done to guarantee that the health benefits of new drugs and biological products outweigh their risks. The FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) plays the watchdog role in this area to prevent quackery. CDER evaluates potential medicines before they’re sold to the American public. Both brand-name and generic drugs are assessed to ensure they provide [...]

FDA’s Role in Drug Development Today2023-01-10T03:55:48-05:00

Cosmetic vs. Drug Claim – Here’s How You Can Tell!


Is it a cosmetic or a drug? Find out the difference in this infographic Join our upcoming webcast: Significant FDA Developments: Prepare for What’s Next in 2023 Tuesday, March 14, 2023 from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm (ET) Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

Cosmetic vs. Drug Claim – Here’s How You Can Tell!2023-01-10T04:02:55-05:00

7 Types Of Class Action


Class action lawsuits can cause your business significant losses thus, it's highly important to recognize the potential dangers ahead to avoid risks. Here's an infographic of some of the common types of class actions. Join our upcoming webinar: Significant Class Action Trends and Developments Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

7 Types Of Class Action2023-01-04T02:43:41-05:00

Class Actions: Recognizing the Risks


What is a class action lawsuit? A class action lawsuit encompasses a group of people who have been injured or experienced negative effects from a damaged product, a discriminatory practice, or an environmental hazard. Today, it remains a powerful tool against pervasive systemic injustice. However, as the regulatory landscape of class actions continues to evolve, so do the risks. Businesses and organizations accountable for negligent actions should be wary of the growing perils this may pose. In this article, we listed some of the common issues that may lead to class action lawsuits. Defective Products False [...]

Class Actions: Recognizing the Risks2023-01-04T02:50:24-05:00

5 Common Types of Junk Fees


Junk fees can show up in various products and services. But the more one knows about how they may be at risk, the easier it is to avoid it. Here’s an infographic of some of the common types of junk fees that you should know. Join our webinar: Regulatory Trends to Watch Out for in Consumer Finance Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

5 Common Types of Junk Fees2022-12-27T04:22:47-05:00

Watch Out: Junk Fees Right Under Your Nose!


Today, the high cost of junk fees imposed by some companies is hitting the most vulnerable consumers to the core. While these unnecessary fees offer no benefits to consumers other than adding costs to their bills, they eclipse the actual cost of a product or a service. This article will discuss the common types of junk fees and how we can detect them. What is a Junk Fee? A junk fee is a surprise cost charged to a consumer's bill after signing up for a product or service. Also called hidden fees, they are usually [...]

Watch Out: Junk Fees Right Under Your Nose!2022-12-27T04:19:13-05:00

5 Reasons Why Ethics is Essential in Accounting


Accountants play a critical role in business as they have access to intimate financial information. However, some have failed to value the importance of ethics and compliance. Here's an infographic of why you should ensure to practice ethical standards in your accounting profession. Join our webinar: Understanding Ethics in the Accounting Profession: A Comprehensive Guide Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

5 Reasons Why Ethics is Essential in Accounting2023-01-09T01:23:25-05:00

The Integral Role of Ethics in Accounting


Accountants are professionals; hence, they are expected to act like one. They’re the key personnel who can access the intimate financial information of individuals and businesses. With such a crucial responsibility, they must abide by the rules and values in the accounting profession known as ethics. According to Oprah Winfrey, “Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not.” It takes a lot to be honest and sustain integrity in the face of many temptations. For this reason, not all accountants can stay true to their [...]

The Integral Role of Ethics in Accounting2022-12-21T01:50:45-05:00

6 Activities That Create Nexus For A Business


Here are some business activities that create nexus (tax obligations) for your business Don't miss our upcoming webinar: What’s Next in the M&A Market: Potential Hurdles and State Tax Considerations Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

6 Activities That Create Nexus For A Business2022-12-15T03:17:07-05:00

Tax Considerations in Today’s M&A Market


The mergers and acquisitions (M&A) space rose to unprecedented heights in 2021 due to low-interest rates, easy access to capital, and a booming stock market. And although M&A activity slowed down in 2022, it is expected to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels in the coming year. But with major geopolitical, financial, and regulatory headwinds ahead, buyers and sellers must keep up with current developments to successfully navigate the changing tides of M&A transactions. Avoiding Tax Issues in M&A Transactions The process companies undergo when negotiating M&A deals is fraught with issues, especially when it comes to [...]

Tax Considerations in Today’s M&A Market2022-12-15T03:08:07-05:00

5 Phases of a Social Engineering Attack


Have you heard of social engineering? It remains to be a huge threat to many businesses today, as it takes advantage of human weakness. Here's an infographic of how it works! To defend against a wide range of business risks, contact Cyberint Join our webinar Trust Me, I’m an Engineer: Escaping the Traps of Social Engineering Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

5 Phases of a Social Engineering Attack2022-12-13T03:09:31-05:00
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