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Key Sponsor Benefits

In addition to the prestige of participating on a world class panel for hundreds, sponsors receive a generous number of benefits including these key deliverables.

  • At least 100 to 150+ precisely targeted new leads. Guaranteed.

  • Faculty appointment on a webcast panel.

  • Participation in extensive marketing campaigns: email, social, industry publications, and press releases.

  • Expertly produced live webcast with professionally crafted materials.

  • Commercial quality post-webcast recording.

  • 30 complimentary passes for your guests.

  • Speaker CLE/CPE/CE credit.

Lead Generation

Get at least 100 to 150+ precisely targeted new leads. Guaranteed.

The Knowledge Group recognizes that one of the most important deliverables for many sponsors is an engaged group of high-quality leads with whom to follow up after the event. We guarantee that you will receive at least 100 to 150+ precisely targeted leads post webcast.

How does the Knowledge Group Guarantee Leads?

The Knowledge Group has been producing award-wining webcasts for over 15 years. We run over 400 LIVE webinars annually. We know our business, and as such we can forecast attendee numbers for our webcasts with exceptional accuracy. Coupled with our vast databases and a proprietary marketing system, attendance is assured. We guarantee it in writing.

Our invitation lists are also precisely targeted to meet the marketing objectives of our sponsors. All The leads you receive will be in your exact client demographics.

Thought Leadership

Sponsors of Knowledge Group webcasts are often viewed as the preeminent thought leaders in their industries.

As a Knowledge Group speaker, you will be part of our thought leadership panel, participating in conversations of the most pressing topics faced by today’s legal, financial, tech professionals, C-suite execs and decision-makers.

Not only will you be positioned as a thought-leader, but you will also associated with an intellectually diverse collection of thinkers representing the absolute best and brightest.

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