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Legal Webcasts CLE

Our live and recorded Legal Webcasts feature some of the most well-respected speakers and thought leaders in their practice areas and are designed to deepen your knowledge and understanding of key legal trends in multiple disciplines while earning online CLE credits.


Tax, Accounting, & Finance CPE

With constant production of over 50 online CPE courses each year, we’ve covered nearly every topic in Tax, Accounting, & Finance that is relevant to your practice area.


Technology & Cybersecurity

Be equipped in helping your clients successfully navigate their way through new technologies in today’s cyber-vulnerable environment. Keep your skills up to date via our Continuing Education (CE) webcasts on Technology and Cybersecurity.


HR & Benefits

Our HR and Benefits webinars offer a wealth of information about crucial issues today's professionals face. These Continuing Education (CE) courses are a reflection of the most recent regulatory developments in HR and benefits management at the state and federal levels.



Our Healthcare Continuing Education (CE) webinars are created to provide healthcare industry leaders with an environment where they can learn the latest regulatory compliance trends and emerging technologies from esteemed thought leaders and professionals.


Risk & Compliance

Taught by leading experts in this field, our range of Risk & Compliance Continuing Education (CE) courses cut across many disciplines and are primarily designed to help mitigate risks in organizations and ensure they run smoothly based on relevant laws and policies.


Free Webcasts

Gain valuable insights from well-known and experienced professionals for free! Join them live as they cover a wide array of industry topics and trends in these free Continuing Education (CE) webinars.

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Construction Disputes: Strategies and Best Practices to Manage Complexities and Challenges

Construction claims, which typically arise from disagreements, failed obligations, or violations on construction contracts, can be challenging and time-consuming. Failure to effectively manage and resolve such disputes can have a profound effect on a project’s lifecycle and deter good relationship between parties.


LIBOR Transition: Demystifying Trends, Developments, and Legal Issues

The concurrent LIBOR transition activities remain to be a major issue for global financial institutions. Recently, the Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC) released a consultation seeking comments intended as part of its fallback provision recommendations for cash products referencing LIBOR. This, along with the other trends and developments that are anticipated to arise, continues to cloud the current legal climate.


HIPAA Security Rule and Security Risk Management: Addressing Threats and Vulnerabilities During the Pandemic

The security risk analysis and management obligations required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rule are intended to play a crucial role in mitigating risks and vulnerabilities to the security and confidentiality of patient protected health information (PHI). Organizations that fail to implement these measures may be more susceptible to potential PHI breaches and could be confronted with costly regulatory fines.


Toxic Tort and Environmental Litigation: Trends & Strategies

Toxic tort and environmental litigation is among the most legally complex and high-risk areas of law. Notable regulatory developments and case verdicts continue to shape this field, that practitioners must keep themselves in the know of emerging trends and updates to avoid pitfalls. Having an in-depth knowledge of effective litigation procedures and case strategies is also necessary to ensure success in this type of lawsuit.



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