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Our live and recorded Legal Webcasts feature some of the most well-respected speakers and thought leaders in their practice areas and are designed to deepen your knowledge and understanding of key legal trends in multiple disciplines while earning online CLE credits.


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With constant production of over 50 online CPE courses each year, we’ve covered nearly every topic in Tax, Accounting, & Finance that is relevant to your practice area.


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Be equipped in helping your clients successfully navigate their way through new technologies in today’s cyber-vulnerable environment. Keep your skills up to date via our Continuing Education (CE) webcasts on Technology and Cybersecurity.


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Our HR and Benefits webinars offer a wealth of information about crucial issues today's professionals face. These Continuing Education (CE) courses are a reflection of the most recent regulatory developments in HR and benefits management at the state and federal levels.



Our Healthcare Continuing Education (CE) webinars are created to provide healthcare industry leaders with an environment where they can learn the latest regulatory compliance trends and emerging technologies from esteemed thought leaders and professionals.


Risk & Compliance

Taught by leading experts in this field, our range of Risk & Compliance Continuing Education (CE) courses cut across many disciplines and are primarily designed to help mitigate risks in organizations and ensure they run smoothly based on relevant laws and policies.

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Securities Class Actions in the Crypto Space: Crucial Developments

Heightened regulatory scrutiny and continued volatility in the digital asset market have led to a significant uptick in the number of securities class action suits involving cryptocurrencies. With emerging court decisions and litigation and enforcement challenges on the horizon, practitioners and companies must keep track of current and future developments in the cryptocurrency space to understand how to navigate this complex and evolving landscape.


Exploring the AI Patent Landscape: Emerging Top Trends and Shifts to Watch For

Inventions involving artificial intelligence (AI) continue to face several issues on patentability as it does not qualify as the inventor in US patent applications. The amendment to Section 256 of the America Invents Act removed the deceptive intent requirement while still allowing the correction of inventorship. Although this could resolve incorrect inventorship, patentees may not always agree to adjustments and dispute a claim instead. Thus, posing a myriad of issues on invalidation and unenforceability of patent applications for AI-related inventions.


Demystifying Trust Liquidation and Post Confirmation in Bankruptcies: A Comprehensive Guide

In the face of a global pandemic, bankruptcy mechanisms have become increasingly relevant. With the spike of COVID-19-related business bankruptcy filings, post-confirmation liquidation and litigation trusts have been utilized more frequently. However, the role of these methods in the resolution of Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases also highlights the need for an in-depth understanding


How to Deal with Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Issues: A Practical Guide for Legal Professionals

The prevailing number of legal professionals resorting to alcoholism and other substance use is a growing concern in the legal industry. The overwhelming amount of stress, client demands, and toxic working environment has become detrimental to the full and effective practice of their profession, more so, their mental health.


Successfully Navigating the Ins and Outs of the ITC Section 337 Investigations

Section 337 investigations at the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) involve high-stakes and complex procedures. These are governed by unique cross-disciplinary rules which call for a deep understanding of the ITC’s thought process and a specialized defense strategy for one’s intellectual property rights. To prevail in Section 337 investigations and dodge red flags, attorneys and practitioners should stay close to the recent developments in this field of law.

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