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Thought Leadership

When you participate in a Knowledge Group event, you are leading the thought leaders.

As a Knowledge Group speaker, you will be part of our thought leadership panel, participating in conversations on the most pressing topics faced by today’s legal, financial, tech professionals, C-suite execs, and decision-makers.

Not only will you be positioned as a thought leader, but you will also be connected and associated with an intellectually diverse collection of thinkers representing the absolute best and brightest.

Key Benefits

Key Speaker Benefits

As a speaker at a prestigious Knowledge Group webcast, you will be part of our elite faculty panel, participating in the discussions that bring in hundreds of attendees.

  • Appointment to a webcast faculty panel.

  • Participation in an extensive publicity campaign: email, social media, press.

  • Speaker CLE/CPE/CE credit.

  • 30 free passes for your guests.

  • Participation in a professionally produced live webcast with superb materials.

  • High-quality post-webcast recording.

  • Complimentary subscription to our 1-Year All-Access Webinar Pass.

What Others Are Saying


speaker,CLE,cpe,legal,thought leadership

As usual, I thought y’all did a great job getting things organized and handling all the tech!

I thought things went well today!  It was great working with you – hope to do it again sometime – there is certainly never a shortage of things to say on this topic!

Jana K. Terry, Beckstead Terry PLLC
speaker,CLE,cpe,legal,thought leadership

It was a pleasure to participate in this webinar with everyone, and the Knowledge Group made the process painless.

Colleen M. Yushchak, Ankura Consulting Group, LLC
speaker,CLE,cpe,legal,thought leadership

Thank you all. It was a great pleasure presenting today. We will love to work with you all again. Thank you for everything.

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