Fortress of Code: Building a Strong IP Strategy for Your Next Game


Unlock the secrets to safeguarding your game's intellectual property with insights from industry experts. Discover essential strategies for creating a robust IP framework that protects your creative vision and fuels future success. Join our speakers in this CLE webcast as they equip you with the knowledge to build a successful intellectual property (IP) strategy for your next game.

Insurance Bad Faith Litigation: Novel Issues and New Case Law


Delve into the intricate world of Insurance Bad Faith Litigation, a pivotal aspect of insurance law that addresses the conduct of insurers towards policyholders. Understanding the complexities, strategic considerations, and recent legal developments in bad faith litigation is crucial for legal professionals and industry stakeholders. This webinar provides a comprehensive analysis of insurance bad faith claims, equipping participants with the insights and strategies necessary to navigate these challenging cases effectively. Join us for this enlightening session, where our panel of experts will dissect the nuances of Insurance Bad Faith Litigation. They will cover the essential components, discuss key strategies, examine recent case law, and explore the broader implications for policyholders, insurers, and legal practitioners.

Trial Strategy: How to Plan Your Approach to the Case


The ability to develop and implement a comprehensive trial strategy is crucial for any litigator aiming to achieve favorable outcomes in court. Effective trial planning involves not only understanding the legal principles at play but also the art of persuasion and the strategic use of evidence and witnesses. This webcast will provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to craft a winning trial strategy from start to finish. In this Webcast, a panel of thought leaders organized by The Knowledge Group will provide an in-depth discussion of trial strategy. Speakers will analyze the key components of developing a trial plan, including the identification of critical issues, the creation of a compelling narrative, and the effective presentation of evidence. They will also examine the importance of understanding the judge and jury, anticipating opposing counsel’s moves, and adapting to unfolding events during the trial.

Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession: Risk and Protective Factors


Legal practitioners have become highly susceptible to substance abuse. Research reveals that they are a high-risk group for substance addiction issues because of the high-stress work environment and heavy workloads. Adding to this growing concern is the hesitation among legal professionals to seek medical treatment due to the fear of potential consequences and stigma. In a LIVE Webcast, a panel of thought leaders and practitioners assembled by The Knowledge Group will present a dynamic and timely discussion of substance abuse in the legal profession. The speakers will dig deeper as they discuss the critical issues and the challenges surrounding this topic. They will also offer best practices to ensure the well-being of legal practitioners.

Executive Compensation: Hot Topics and Emerging Trends


Executive compensation remains a critical and evolving aspect of corporate governance and management. This landscape is influenced by regulatory changes, shareholder expectations, and evolving best practices. Understanding these dynamics is essential for companies to ensure compliance, competitiveness, and alignment with organizational goals. Join us for a comprehensive CLE course on executive compensation, delving into the most pressing issues and emerging trends in this complex and ever-changing field.

Global Antitrust Outlook: Trends Shaping Enforcement Strategies


Antitrust laws play a crucial role in maintaining competitive markets and protecting consumers from anti-competitive practices worldwide. As global economies become increasingly interconnected, the enforcement of antitrust regulations has become more complex and dynamic. Understanding these regulations and their implications is vital for businesses and legal professionals navigating the global market. In this CLE webcast, a panel of thought leaders organized by The Knowledge Group will provide an in-depth discussion of the latest trends and developments in global antitrust enforcement. Speakers will analyze key regulatory changes, enforcement actions, and policy shifts impacting various industries. They will also examine the implications of cross-border cooperation among antitrust authorities and the challenges posed by emerging technologies and digital markets. Furthermore, the panel will offer practical insights into compliance strategies and risk mitigation to help businesses navigate this complex regulatory environment effectively.

Mastering Wage and Hour Law: Essential Insights for Legal Professionals


The complexities of wage and hour laws present a significant challenge for legal professionals navigating the intricacies of compliance and litigation. The continuous updates to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other related regulations demand a thorough understanding of both federal and state-level changes to ensure proper employee classification and compensation. In this CLE webcast, a panel of thought leaders organized by The Knowledge Group will provide an in-depth discussion about the insights into the latest regulatory developments, recent court decisions, and emerging issues in wage and hour law. Speakers will provide practical strategies for avoiding common pitfalls and ensuring compliance with the FLSA.

Mastering the Art of Demonstrating and Recouping Lost Profit Damages: A Hands-On Guide


Accurate calculation and effective recovery of lost profit damages are crucial for businesses to mitigate financial losses resulting from project delays or disruptions. Join our speakers in this CLE webcast as they provide a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of demonstrating and recouping lost profit damages, offering practical insights and strategies to enhance accuracy and effectiveness in calculating and recovering lost profits.

How to Navigate Employment Contracts: Understanding the FTC’s Ban on Noncompete Clauses


In today's competitive job market, understanding the implications of the FTC's Ban on Noncompete Clauses is essential for both employees and employers, as it significantly alters the landscape of employment agreements. By delving into the nuances of noncompete clauses within the framework of FTC regulations, participants will acquire valuable insights into effectively navigating these clauses and ensuring compliance with the latest legal developments. Come and join a panel of prominent thought leaders and practitioners assembled by The Knowledge Group as they delve into the intricacies of noncompete clauses and gain a comprehensive understanding of the FTC's ban in the realm of employment agreements. In this interactive course, you’ll gain valuable strategies for negotiating, modifying, or challenging noncompete agreements within the bounds of the FTC's regulations.

NextGen Legal Insights: Unveiling ERISA Litigation Trends


Delve into the intricate world of ERISA Litigation, an ever-evolving legal terrain crucial in shaping employee benefit plans. Understanding the genesis, fundamental elements, and emerging trends within ERISA is paramount. This webcast provides a comprehensive exploration of ERISA litigation, equipping stakeholders with vital insights to navigate its complexities effectively. Join us for this enlightening CLE Webcast, where our esteemed panel of speakers will embark on a deep dive into the nuances of ERISA litigation. They will dissect its historical origins, elucidate its key components, dissect notable trends, and elucidate the broader implications for employers, employees, and the legal landscape at large.

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