Tax, Accounting and Finance (CPE)

Mastering the Art of Demonstrating and Recouping Lost Profit Damages: A Hands-On Guide


Accurate calculation and effective recovery of lost profit damages are crucial for businesses to mitigate financial losses resulting from project delays or disruptions. Join our speakers in this CLE webcast as they provide a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of demonstrating and recouping lost profit damages, offering practical insights and strategies to enhance accuracy and effectiveness in calculating and recovering lost profits.

Guiding Success with Ethical Integrity: Accounting’s Professional Standards


In today's dynamic business environment, maintaining ethical integrity is paramount, especially in the field of accounting where professional standards play a crucial role. In this CLE webcast, a panel of thought leaders organized by The Knowledge Group will provide an in-depth discussion about the complexities of navigating professional standards in accounting. Speakers will explore the significance of ethical integrity in accounting practices and offer insights into adhering to professional standards.

Maximizing Your Innovation ROI: R&D Tax Credits in 2024 and Beyond


Innovation is the driving force behind business growth and success, and Research and Development (R&D) serves as the catalyst for innovation. As we venture into the dynamic landscape of 2024 and beyond, maintaining a competitive edge requires more than just visionary ideas; it demands strategic financial acumen.

Unleashing R&D Tax Credits: Navigating Change for Maximum Benefit and Innovation


Discover how R&D tax credits can be a game-changer for businesses, regardless of size. These credits serve as a financial catalyst, effectively offsetting innovation costs and driving unprecedented growth. However, staying up to date in the ever-evolving R&D tax credit landscape can be challenging, with new regulations and guidance emerging regularly.

What’s Shaping Tax Controversy in the US: Leading Issues Examined


Tax controversy is as a major concern of businesses across industries primarily due to intensified scrutiny on tax avoidance practices. As the market rapidly evolves, tax disputes are becoming more prevalent both domestically and globally, posing significant challenges for multinational companies. These companies often find themselves entangled in tax disputes across different jurisdictions, placing a considerable strain on their resources.

Exploring the Business Valuation Landscape: Key Considerations


Over the past years, businesses across all industries have experienced various changes and challenges in business valuation due to the constantly changing market. Several factors, including geopolitical issues, difficulties in workforce management, and inflation, continue to add up to these difficulties. With the uncertainties ahead, valuing business remains a tough call.

Major Reforms in R&D Tax Credits 2023: Exploring Opportunities for Your Firm


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has been beneficial for companies engaged in research and development (R&D). It kept the R&D tax credit permanent and eliminated other tax credits and incentives in exchange for lower tax rates. However, beginning after December 31, 2021, the taxpayer option to deduct current R&D expenditures was abolished. It now requires the charging of expenditures to a capital account and amortizing them in a specified number of years.

What’s Next in the M&A Market: Potential Hurdles and State Tax Considerations


Companies engaging in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions often don’t consider the multistate tax aspects of the deal until the transaction is ready to close. Retroactive sales tax exposure is one item addressed by the purchasing company in the due diligence process and often leaves the seller surprised at the discovery of unexpected liabilities.

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