We know the open marketplace is daunting, even the best content can get drowned out. We can work with you to cut through the noise and get your content to the right audience. The Knowledge Group’s Content Syndication Package has been specially created to get your materials in front of the right audience. With our contacts and your content we can develop a strategy to make your firm stand out.

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Knowledge Group Content Syndication Sponsorship

What is Content Syndication?

The Knowledge Group content syndication sponsorship program is a sponsorship package whereby we re-publish your content or create custom materials for you and distribute it to our online communities, driving targeted traffic to your site and generating new leads for your firm.

How it Works

Content Syndication Sponsorship – How it Works

Reach new people with a minimal time investment by leveraging your already existing materials to drive engagement to you from the Knowledge Group’s established communities.

  • Our syndication marketing managers will review your material or create a new piece for distribution.

  • The Knowledge Group marketing team distributes your content to targeted recipients via email and newsletters.

  • Recipients of your content will be encouraged to visit your site for more information.

  • You receive opt-in leads of recipients who want more information.

  • The content syndication campaign runs for approximately 30 days or until all deliverables are satisfied.

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Call:  (646) 844-0200 to speak to a content syndication marketing manager.

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