Fraud in the ACH Network: Prevention, Detection, and Risk Mitigation


The pandemic-driven digital shift in how accounts payable (AP) departments pay their suppliers gave rise to Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payment. Companies can now streamline their AP processes through direct online electronic money transfers. The unfortunate by-product of this breakthrough in AP automation, however, is the upsurge in ACH payment fraud. For cybercriminals to commit ACH fraud, they simply need access to two pieces of information: your account number and bank routing number.

Understanding Ethics in the Accounting Profession: A Comprehensive Guide


Ethics in the accounting profession is critical in the financial decision-making process and in upholding their reputation as accountants. However, in today's increasingly tough regulatory environment, staying on top of ethics and compliance can be challenging. Failure to abide by ethical standards can result in criminal penalties including license revocation and hefty fines. Thus, accounting practitioners and professionals should keep their ethical standards. Further, designing and conducting an effective compliance risk assessment is paramount to mitigate any ethical pitfall.

Smart Manufacturing: Value-Driven IIoT Solutions That Work


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is spurring a new wave of data telemetry-based investments in the manufacturing industry. Also known as industry 4.0, it merges machine data with manufacturing, service, and sales tools creating connected intelligent factories. The results are increased visibility into operations, streamlined production, and improved customer experience, all while minimizing costs.

Navigating the Trade Secret Litigation Landscape: The Way to a Dispute Resolution


In today’s highly competitive work environment, trade secrets are the lifeblood of a business. As more and more companies move to hybrid and remote work structures, the risk of misappropriation magnifies. This underscores the need for businesses to level up their trade secret protection and create sophisticated confidentiality controls without stifling collaborative workspaces.

A Review of Immigration Policies: Key Facts Explored


In this LIVE Webcast, a panel of thought leaders and professionals brought together by The Knowledge Group will provide and present an in-depth analysis of the fundamentals as well as recent developments in A Review of Immigration Policies: Key Facts Explored. Speakers will also present all important issues surrounding this significant topic. Join us for this Knowledge Group Webinar!

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