Ransomware Prevention and Response: Safeguarding Your System Beyond the Perimeter


Ransomware attacks continue to pose a serious threat to organizations worldwide, cutting across all industries. These attacks, however, are becoming more frequent and complex—a trend that is expected to continue well into 2023 and beyond. As cybercriminals become more innovative in their tactics for extracting ransom payments, businesses remain at high risk of suffering data loss and extortion attempts.

A Look at the Crypto Ecosystem: The Rising Risks and Emerging Markets


Cryptocurrency markets experienced a series of disastrous setbacks in 2022 which resulted in significant losses This great turmoil underscores the volatility risks in the crypto landscape. Regulators are also ramping up its enforcement efforts to protect consumers and address increasing illicit activities. As an aggressive government crackdown is anticipated in the coming months, industry participants must keep an eye on emerging developments to avoid legal pitfalls.

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