Taking Your Trial Advocacy to New Heights: Strategies for Effective Presentations in the Courtroom


Preparing for a trial involves the strategic use of documents. Crafting a compelling narrative not only simplifies intricate legal arguments but also leaves a lasting impact that can influence decisions in favor of your client. Therefore, establishing a trial preparation strategy is critical, and it should begin to take shape during the document review stage. Join Lee J. Hurwitz of Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney and Christopher Cianci of Lagasse Branch Bell + Kinkead LLP for an in-depth discussion on the top strategies for winning trials. Our speakers will explore effective cross-examination techniques, the art of presenting complex evidence in an understandable way, and the use of rhetoric to influence courtroom opinions.

Advancing Trial Skills: Critical Steps to an Effective Cross-Examination


One integral aspect to increase the chances of winning a trial is the use of cross-examination. While this approach takes extensive planning and preparation, a properly executed and effective cross-examination can be an opportunity to test the reliability and credibility of witness evidence, expose weaknesses, and likely produce a favorable testimony. Thus, practitioners must develop sound strategies and calculated trial preparations to avoid disjointed cross-examination.

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