Construction Defect Claims and Litigation: Managing Risks and Ensuring Best Practices


The past few years have been plagued by construction project delays because of the pandemic-prompted suspension of works worldwide. With a series of challenges that are likely to loom in the construction industry this year, all concerned practitioners must take innovative approaches to be one step ahead of the shifting landscape, especially in construction defect cases and litigation.

Construction Disputes: Strategies and Best Practices to Manage Complexities and Challenges


Construction claims, which typically arise from disagreements, failed obligations, or violations on construction contracts, can be challenging and time-consuming. Failure to effectively manage and resolve such disputes can have a profound effect on a project’s lifecycle and deter good relationship between parties.

How to Effectively Prevent Construction Disputes: Practical Tips and Strategies Explored


Disputes on the scope of work, defects, and timeliness often arise in construction and over the years, these disputes have evolved into more complex challenges posing greater problems to project owners and contractors. Although settled through mediation, arbitration, or trial, construction disputes can often be expensive and time-consuming.

Calculating Lost Profits in Construction Claims: A Practical Guide


Calculating lost profits in a construction dispute is an important factor to prove and recover claims of lost profits damages. However, this process presents a wide array of complexity and challenge for both parties as it requires thorough and accurate analyses of evidence presented. The implementation of an appropriate calculation methodology must also be carefully considered.

Construction Defect Litigation and Insurance Coverage: What You Must Know and Do


The construction industry has been hounded by unprecedented threats and other legal pitfalls. Various claims for damage to property or persons arising from construction projects, often expose companies and individuals to the risk of costly litigation. In order to prevent or limit risks arising from such claims, general contractors, subcontractors, and owners must adopt an insurance program that will effectively mitigate the risks of claims and potentially provide a source for coverage and recovery.

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