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The Microsoft Hack: Biden Moves to Tackle “Unusually Aggressive” Attacks


In a concerningly aggressive attack that has targeted Microsoft customers all over the globe, hackers were recently able to access the email accounts of a staggering 30,000 organizations in the United States alone. Now, the Biden administration is taking steps to address this attack and limit the damage that it is able to cause by launching an emergency task force designed to determine who has been breached, what the purpose of the attack was, and how to best patch the vulnerabilities that made the breach possible. In a press briefing, White House press secretary Jan Psaki [...]

The Microsoft Hack: Biden Moves to Tackle “Unusually Aggressive” Attacks2021-04-06T05:15:36-04:00

The Rise of the Chief Remote Officer


Social distancing measures necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated the prevalence of remote working to heights that would have been unfathomable before the virus struck. Now, as companies across all industries struggle to adapt to this new environment and the challenges that it has brought about, some business thought leaders are calling for the institution of a new role in modern organizations - the chief remote officer.  This hypothetical new position would be responsible for a wide range of roles related to facilitating remote work within an organization, including developing and introducing new strategies to [...]

The Rise of the Chief Remote Officer2021-03-24T22:00:56-04:00

Remote Work Ethics is a Two-Way Street


The workforce never imagined a collective experiment in remote work, not until during the COVID-19 crisis. While many companies danced around the idea of telecommuting, it had never been adopted widescale with the traditional office paradigm still the dominant approach across industries. However, with an infectious pandemic, we were all forced to embrace change. Coming out of the other side of the tunnel, workplaces now face an entirely new set of work ethics issues. Diligence and Accountability Ideally, every worker takes their employment commitment seriously when hired and does his or her utmost to support the [...]

Remote Work Ethics is a Two-Way Street2021-03-16T03:20:32-04:00

Survey Measures Impact of COVID-19 on Litigation


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our world in ways that we are only beginning to understand. While many of the pandemic's consequences are broadly recognized, other more nuanced ways in which the pandemic has influenced our society have largely flown under the radar. One such consequence of the virus that hasn't garnered a ton of attention is the impact that it has had on litigation in the United States. According to a recent survey published by Norton Rose Fullbright (NRF), the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a substantial increase in litigation with 31% of companies surveyed reporting [...]

Survey Measures Impact of COVID-19 on Litigation2021-03-09T01:48:39-05:00

The Remote Work Challenge for Tech Security


Since March 2020, the reliance on tech for office productivity and general work has dramatically skyrocketed. Due to a pandemic’s requirement for social distance, just about every reasonable tech tool in the workplace has been pushed, stressed, redirected, and repurposed to make remote work a reality. And, along with all the new connections and devices coming online in many networks, so did the number of vulnerabilities and opportunities for hacks, security risks, and cyberthreats. The SolarWind hack of the federal government might have been the biggest one in the spotlight in 2020, but it was only [...]

The Remote Work Challenge for Tech Security2021-03-02T01:03:23-05:00

Not-so-Epic: Apple Faces Antitrust Complaint from Epic Games


Epic Games - best known as the creator of Fortnite - recently announced that it has filed an antitrust complaint against Apple with the European Commission. The lawsuit claims that the 30% cut that Apple takes on all App Store purchases is anti-competitive, and a spokesperson from Epic Games was quoted saying that Apple has, "not just harmed but completely eliminated competition in app distribution and payment processes." This lawsuit comes after Epic Games attempted last summer to launch its own in-app payment system in an effort to avoid the 30% cut that Apple takes on all [...]

Not-so-Epic: Apple Faces Antitrust Complaint from Epic Games2021-02-25T04:40:40-05:00

Taylor Swift’s Wild Ride? A Lawsuit from Theme Park over Album Name


In a strange turn of events, pop superstar Taylor Swift has found herself fighting a lawsuit from a Utah fantasy theme park called Evermore over the name of her latest album - which happens to also be named Evermore. The theme park alleges that the name of Swift's album is causing "actual confusion," infringing on their marketing and merchandising, and negatively affecting the park's online presence. Evermore Park also alleges that both Swift and the park are offering similar merchandise and that Swift's Evermore merchandise is an infringement on the theme park's trademark. The park is [...]

Taylor Swift’s Wild Ride? A Lawsuit from Theme Park over Album Name2021-02-25T04:57:09-05:00

The Solar Winds Hack Fallout


Just as the latest U.S. election was reaching its zenith, the federal government was dealing with the ramifications of realizing a massive hack had opened up various repositories of the federal government databases to unauthorized parties. Now the FBI’s investigation is pointing to a Chinese influence over that hack and the players involved as they tunneled to their access through the federal contractor, SolarWinds, in December 2020. Using the most mundane of activities, payroll processing, the hackers were able to access details of 600,000 government employers, and more disturbingly those working in sensitive agency areas like [...]

The Solar Winds Hack Fallout2021-02-25T04:57:34-05:00

The Super Bowl or The Big Game


Did you watch The Big Game on Sunday, February 7? If you’re a fan, you probably know why most advertisers don’t simply call it The Super Bowl. As Colbert famously pointed out with the “Superb Owl” routine, Super Bowl is a trademark, registered by the NFL. The NFL is known to sue over “counterfeit” shirts copying NFL team names or proprietary gear designs. It has sued churches over Super Bowl parties. Other registered trademarks include Pro Bowl, the NFL shield logo, and images of the Vince Lombardi Trophy. IP Theft, or Nominative Fair Use? The National Football League guards the brand because its business model involves selling [...]

The Super Bowl or The Big Game2021-02-25T04:57:55-05:00

Telehealth Under the Biden Administration: What You Need to Know


On January 20, 2021, Joseph Biden was sworn into office, becoming the 46th president of the United States. With a new administration in the White House, a number of changes are on the horizon - including changes to how our country approaches the promising solutions offered by telehealth.  As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to swell, telehealth offers patients the ability to access healthcare services without having to visit a clinic and potentially expose themselves to the virus. If done right, telehealth also has the potential to break down many of the barriers associated with [...]

Telehealth Under the Biden Administration: What You Need to Know2021-02-25T04:58:12-05:00
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