Broadcast Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2021
from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (ET)


The COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping antitrust law enforcement across the globe. Recognizing the need for a closer cooperation among private businesses, the US government seems to be more flexible now in reviewing COVID-19-related competitor collaborations. In April, both the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced the expedited seven-day evaluation procedure, which typically takes months for traditional business reviews.

Despite the perceived flexibility of the government, companies should not be complacent, as the DOJ and the FTC have stressed their continuous crackdown on unfair competition practices. In addition, industry changes during and after COVID-19 may bring a significant increase in antitrust activity.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has coincided with the financial markets’ transition away from LIBOR, the world’s most widely used benchmark interest rate. Selecting and implementing an alternative reference rate for legacy financial products necessarily requires industry coordination.  Coordinated financial industry reforms in the past have invited antitrust scrutiny.  The LIBOR transition may present similar concerns that market participants should not ignore.

Join a panel of key thought leaders and practitioners assembled by The Knowledge Group as they present an in-depth discussion of the emerging trends and developments in antitrust law enforcement in the current COVID-19-stricken landscape. Speakers will analyze critical issues and offer effective compliance tips and strategies in this evolving legal climate.

Key topics include:

  • Enforcement Priority Changes Due to COVID-19
  • Emerging Antitrust Issues
  • LIBOR Transition
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Best Compliance Practices
  • Outlook


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On-demand Webcast (CLE)



General knowledge of antitrust laws


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2.0 CLE

Speaker Panel:

Dr. Robert Kneuper, Expert Economist and Expert Consultant
Info Tech, Inc.

Dr. Robert Kneuper is an Expert Economist at Info Tech, Inc. and has a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from Clemson University. Dr. Kneuper also serves as an adjunct professor at Charleston Southern University, where he teaches courses in managerial economics and corporate finance. Dr. Kneuper also has taught antitrust economics at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.
Dr. Kneuper spent over 10 years analyzing antitrust matters at the FTC where he worked extensively on a wide variety of antitrust matters. As a consultant, Dr. Kneuper has worked on numerous antitrust class action cases including price fixing cases and “pay for delay” cases.

Vikram Kapoor, Senior Managing Director
Ankura Consulting Group, LLC

Vikram Kapoor is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura, based in New York. Mr. Kapoor has over fifteen years of experience in litigation consulting helping manage large expert and consulting engagements involving complex econometrics, valuation and quantitative finance.

Mr. Kapoor has submitted expert reports and testified in U.S. Federal Court, U.S. State Court, U.S. FINRA arbitration, Singapore International Commercial Court and Stockholm District Court. Mr. Kapoor has also submitted reports/white papers in regulatory investigations and whistle blower allegations.

Mahesh Parlikad, Partner
Jones Day

Hesh Parlikad represents companies and financial institutions in all phases of litigation, including trial, arbitration, and appellate proceedings. His practice focuses on disputes involving complex financial products and securities, and he has litigated and tried novel disputes arising out of the Lehman bankruptcy concerning derivatives governed by ISDA documentation. He also has represented financial institutions in antitrust litigation concerning financial derivatives.

Aaron Healey, Partner
Jones Day

Aaron Healey is a litigator and trial lawyer representing clients in complex commercial litigation with an emphasis on antitrust matters. He represents clients in a wide range of industries, including health care services and pharmaceuticals, consumer products, airlines, railroads, defense technologies, and gaming.

Aaron has defended several mergers from antitrust challenges, including the successful defenses of STERIS Corporation’s acquisition of Synergy Health against a challenge brought by the FTC and Cabell Huntington Hospital’s acquisition of St. Mary’s Medical Center from a challenge also brought by the FTC. He represented Aetna in its acquisition of Humana from a challenge brought by the DOJ.



Dr. Robert Kneuper, Expert Economist and Expert Consultant

Info Tech, Inc.

  • The economic impact of COVID 19 (discussion of the industries most impacted by COVID and changing business models and competitive conditions in those industries)
  • The status of the high tech “Big Four” under COVID 19 (bottom line is they are doing well amidst the pandemic)
  • Antitrust issues likely to result from COVID 19 (focus on increased M&A, monopolization cases, scrutiny of the big 4, and more 2-sided markets cases due to COVID)


Aaron Healey, Partner

Jones Day

  • Antitrust enforcement principles and priorities in the United States have remained relatively constant during COVID.
  • Competitor collaborations: FTC and DOJ introduced expedited review of competitor collaborations, but emphasized that there would be no change in the standard of antitrust enforcement.
    • Collaborations that would otherwise be considered anticompetitive are still only likely to be found acceptable if one of two criteria are met: integration between parties and/or the existence of information firewalls.
    • Provide examples of collaborations blessed by the Agencies—including oversight/conditions the parties agreed to.
  • Merger review and litigation: Unexpected changes in consumer demand are creating impetus for mergers and acquisitions.
    • Agencies aggressively challenged mergers this past year despite the pandemic.
    • Reinforced that even in a challenging economic environment, they will not loosen standards (e.g., Failing/Flailing Firm) to let otherwise problematic transactions through;
    • A focus on transactions involving nascent competitors as an area for aggressive action.
    • Record number of challenged transactions despite pandemic and agencies’ staff working remotely.
    • Potential lasting (procedural) changes in  agency merger review and litigation (e.g., remote investigational hearings/depositions, remote Part 3 hearings).
  • Other antitrust concerns/forward looking issues:
    • Price gouging
    • Continued focus on big tech (e.g., Google, Facebook litigation)
    • What to expect with U.S. transition of power and changes in Agencies’ front offices.


Vikram Kapoor, Senior Managing Director

Ankura Consulting Group, LLC


Mahesh Parlikad, Partner

Jones Day

  • Discuss LIBOR Transition, timelines:
    • What is LIBOR
    • Why is LIBOR being phased out / issues that LIBOR had and cases
    • Discuss the types of products that are impacted (derivatives, structured products)
    • Present LIBOR transition timeline
  • LIBOR replacement rate options
    • SOFR
    • ICE
    • Ameribor
    • Others
  • Forums for required industry coordination, and related antitrust considerations:
    • Alternative Reference Rates Committee (the “ARRC”)
    • ISDA IBOR Transition Protocol
      • Department of Justice Business Review Letter “blessing” ISDA’s proposed IBOR transition related amendments to standardized documents.
  • Antitrust Claims from Periods of Prior Financial Industry Coordination, Transition, and Reform:
    • In connection with the markets for OTC derivatives and other instruments, allegations of:
      • Price fixing
      • Boycotting exchanges / denying liquidity
      • Sharing information
  • Cautionary tales / lessons learned from prior financial product antitrust claims for best practices in connection with LIBOR transition

Date & Time:

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (ET)

Who Should Attend:

  • Antitrust Lawyers and Consultants
  • Class Action Lawyers
  • General Counsel
  • Compliance Managers
  • Top Level Management
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Dr. Robert KneuperExpert Economist and Expert Consultant
Info Tech, Inc.
Vikram KapoorSenior Managing Director
Ankura Consulting Group, LLC
Mahesh ParlikadPartner
Jones Day
Aaron HealeyPartner
Jones Day



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