Broadcast Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2022
from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm (ET)


The disruption in the court system brought by the COVID-19 pandemic instigated the courts to transition into a virtual environment. However, using technology to facilitate remote hearings poses several challenges to the efficiency of the judicial workload process. Given that virtual hearings might continue to stay even in the post-pandemic era, responding to these challenges is crucial to mitigate further pitfalls. Now, more than ever, legal professionals need to be equipped with strategic maneuvers to successfully pivot to the virtual court environment.

Listen as the Hon. Suzanne H. Segal (Signature Resolution) and widely experienced business and employment litigator Christopher Cianci (Lagasse Branch Bell + Kinkead LLP) bring the audience to an in-depth discussion of the significant updates on virtual evidentiary hearings. They will also share winning tips to effectively navigate the evolving court system and best practices to maximize virtual hearings.

Some of the major topics that will be covered in this course are:

  • Virtual Hearings: The New Normal
  • Utilizing Technology in Remote Hearings: Pros and Cons
  • How to Mitigate Pitfalls
  • Practical Tips in Leveraging Virtual Court Hearings
  • What’s Next?


Course Level:



Advance Preparation:

Print and review course materials


Method of Presentation:

On-Demand Webcast



General knowledge of evidentiary hearings


Course Code:



NY Category of CLE Credit:

Area of Professional Practice


Total Credits:

1.5 CLE

Speaker Panel:

Christopher Cianci, Partner
Lagasse Branch Bell + Kinkead LLP

Mr. Cianci has more than 10 years’ experience as a litigator and trial attorney. He practices in the areas of employment law and business litigation. His employment practice entails advising and representing employers in all aspects of labor and employment law, including wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour, and trade secret matters. His business litigation practice involves breach of contract, unfair competition, fraud, and ownership, partnership, and shareholder disputes. He also provides advice and counsel to clients on employment and business-related matters, including the development of employment policies, employee hiring, retention, and termination practices, and a variety of other issues of concern for individuals, companies, organizations, and educational institutions.

Hon. Suzanne H. Segal, Mediator, Arbitrator, Discovery Referee & Special Master
Signature Resolution

During her tenure on the federal bench, Hon. Suzanne Segal presided over numerous trials involving diverse subject matter. Judge Segal served as the settlement judge in hundreds of cases, settling business and insurance disputes; patent, trademark, and copyright actions; and employment, civil rights, and tort cases.

Before her appointment to the bench, Judge Segal served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Civil Division of the Los Angeles U.S. Attorney’s Office. Prior to serving in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Judge Segal was a civil litigator at Dewey, Ballantine and Adams, Duque and Hazeltine.

Judge Segal is known for her work ethic and persistent dedication to reach a positive result for the parties.


Christopher CianciPartner

Lagasse Branch Bell + Kinkead LLP

Preparing for Pre-Trial and Evidentiary Hearings

  • Know Your Audience – the Judge (Local Rules, Judge/Dept. Rules)
  • Know Your Arguments
  • Know Your Evidence

Issues Unique to the Virtual Hearing

  • Technology
  • Witnesses
  • Exhibits
  • Practice and Prep Required

Practical Tips

  • Experiences / Examples
  • Thoughts / Comments
  • Questions from Audience

Hon. Suzanne H. Segal, Mediator, Arbitrator, Discovery Referee & Special Master

Signature Resolution

  1. Preparation
  2. Tech Assistance and set up
  3. Plan for Tech Failure
  4. Extra Prep for Witnesses
  5. Extra prep for court reporters and translators
  6. Conclusion

Date & Time:

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

12:00 pm to 1:30 pm (ET)

Who Should Attend:

  • Litigation Attorneys
  • Trial Attorneys
  • General Counsel
  • Paralegals
  • Law Clerks
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Christopher CianciPartner
Lagasse Branch Bell + Kinkead LLP
Hon. Suzanne H. SegalMediator, Arbitrator, Discovery Referee & Special Master
Signature Resolution



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