Broadcast Date: Friday, July 30, 2021
from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (ET)


While healthcare professionals grapple to save lives in the midst of the pandemic, medical malpractice lawsuits have also evidently increased. According to experts, the growing number of malpractice cases implies the pressure that hospitals are facing due to the current health crisis. The year 2020 has significantly reshaped the medical negligence arena and more changes are expected to come this 2021 and beyond.

Now more than ever, lawyers must be equipped in meeting the demands of and handling medical malpractice claims. They should be on top of the newest developments to help them ensure favorable results for their clients in the medical field.

In this CLE Webcast, trial lawyers Daniel J. Huff (Huff, Powell & Bailey) and Kenneth Patterson (Mayer LLP) will provide an in-depth discussion of the emerging issues and challenges in litigating and handling medical malpractice claims. Speakers will also tackle practical strategies on how physicians can minimize liability while providing treatment to their patients.

Key topics include:

  • COVID-19 and Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Medical Negligence and Technology
  • What Physicians Can Do to Minimize Liability
  • Winning Litigation Strategies
  • Case Law Update
  • Discussion of Current and Emerging Issues
  • Outlook


Course Level:



Advance Preparation:

Print and review course materials


Method of Presentation:

On-demand Webcast (CLE)



General knowledge of medical malpractice laws


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NY Category of CLE Credit:

Law Practice Management


Total Credit:

1.0 CLE

Speaker Panel:

Daniel J. Huff, Partner
Huff, Powell & Bailey

For the past 28 years Dan has specialized in the defense of high damages lawsuits, primarily medical malpractice lawsuits and claims. He has represented defendants in more than 100 jury trials. He has defended and successfully tried cases for every specialty of medicine and numerous hospitals throughout. Dan’s trial record would be a proud career for any defense lawyer and remarkable because Dan has tried and won so many cases in so few years. Many of those cases have been against the best Plaintiffs attorneys in the state.

Primary and excess carriers also refer catastrophic exposure cases to Dan for consultation regarding damages, experts and defensive strategy, as well as requesting that he serve as lead counsel at trial.

Kenneth Patterson, Partner
Mayer LLP

Ken Patterson has been a trial lawyer for over 41 years, primarily defending personal injury and medical malpractice cases on behalf of his clients.  Ken has tried cases in 20 different Texas counties and has completed approximately 80 major medical malpractice trials.  He has a remarkable track record of success, having achieved a favorable verdict for his clients in the vast majority of cases tried.  Ken has also had many trial and appellate successes in non-medical matters.  Has been repeatedly named as a Texas SuperLawyers and has the rank of “Advocate” in the invitation only prestigious American Board of Trial Lawyers (ABOTA).

Ken is adept at handling all types of personal injury and wrongful death cases.  He has primarily defended physicians, but also represents several hospitals, including Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo and Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.  He also protects physicians and other healthcare providers before the Texas Medical Board, the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners and other regulatory agencies.


Daniel J. Huff, Partner

Huff, Powell & Bailey


Kenneth PattersonPartner

Mayer LLP

  • COVID-19 and Medical Malpractice Claims
    • The state of COVID-19 claims and cases
    • The PREP Act and its impact on COVID claims and cases
    • The Halo effect for healthcare in jury trials after the pandemic
  • Medical Negligence and Telemedicine
    • Using telemedicine to decrease, not increase risk.
    • Effective telemedicine practices, preparing your patients to make the most of telemedicine
  • Current and Emerging Issues
    • The new “consumer mentality” of patients, why doctors are beginning to yelp.
    • The Cares Act and how to warn patients that they will have access to results of studies before their doctor has time to see them, or How to respond when your patient calls you to inform you they have a malignancy.
    • How to foster some personal relationship with a patient in the age of instant data.
  • Winning Litigation Strategies
    • How to challenge jurors to take the high road in administering justice.
    • The best question to unexpectedly ask your physician client to allow them to give an unrehearsed answer that will expose his or her heart to the jury. The care and feeding of retained experts.
  • What Physicians Can Do to Minimize Liability
    • What to do when a bad outcome happens.
    • The power of staying close to the patient who has a bad outcome.
    • The power of a proper apology.
  • Outlook
    • The trend in Jury trial awards and their amounts
    • New evidence, how technology is changing proof.
    • Case characteristics that make a winner a loser with today’s jurors.

Date & Time:

Friday, July 30, 2021

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (ET)

Who Should Attend:

  • Medical Malpractice Attorneys
  • Personal Injury Attorneys
  • Healthcare Attorneys
  • General Counsel
  • Chief Compliance Officers
  • Hospital Risk/Quality Assurance Managers
  • Doctors, Nurses, and Other Healthcare Service Providers
  • Hospital Administrators
  • Medical Directors
  • Insurance Professionals
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Daniel J. HuffPartner
Huff, Powell & Bailey
Kenneth PattersonPartner
Mayer LLP



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