By: Editorial Staff, Date: February 16th, 2022

The days of manually doing software quality testing, which requires a big team and a significant number of resources, seem to turn their way out. Automation testing or test automation is all the rage in different sectors, and that’s for good reasons. Most businesses have already realized the advantages of integrating automated testing in their software product development cycle. Some of the benefits of doing so include saving more time, more accurate processing, and cost-effect product development.

Automated testing saves more time than traditional testing. Bugs can be easily detected during the development phase, leading to a shorter product development lifecycle. Moreover, the test scripts can be executed simultaneously on multiple devices while ensuring thorough quality checks. These test scripts can also be reused when written using automation tools. But what more can script-less automation testing offer?

Script-less automation is a relatively new concept. Although it may not be totally script-less or codeless, at least it does not require programming knowledge as the test script construction is at a bare minimum. Besides enabling the automation of large set suites, it also speeds up the product delivery cycle without compromising test quality. Thus, testers are able to focus on their chief objectives and other complex tasks, rather than spending a lot of time developing a framework that simply enables quicker testing. Additionally, it allows functional experts and business analysts to easily converse and review test cases. Integrating smarter framework design in advance can significantly help decrease or most probably, eradicate future costs that arise from augmented script maintenance effort. And this is just one area of the technology services offered by Marlabs, one of the leading IT companies, that continue to take a leap into the digital future. Discover the potentials of MarlabsDigital Collective™ in providing your organization with digital agility through innovation, next-gen technologies, and solutions.

Want to take a dive deep into script-less testing? If you are interested you may visit: Fast-Tracking QA with Script-less Automation

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