By: Editorial Staff, Date: November 20th, 2023

 Restrictive covenants are legal agreements that limit specific actions to protect a company’s confidential information, particularly after an employee leaves. Explore various types of restrictive covenants in this infographic!

restrictive covenants

Learn more about restrictive covenants in our webcast: Unveiling the Impact: Notable Developments Shaping Restrictive Covenants

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Protecting Privilege in Internal Investigations: Issues and Challenges

Preserving and protecting privilege remains a critical and challenging issue in internal investigations. Taking a misstep by disclosing sensitive information can result in damaging legal and reputational consequences. With the ethical traps, potential large number of factual witnesses who must keep information confidential for privilege to be preserved, the possible involvement of outside technical experts, and numerous other  issues that arise during an investigation, the protection of privilege is tricky.