By: Editorial Staff, Date: July 1st, 2022

Uncover how your data storage and backup system could be breached in exotic ways and 6 tips you can take now to bolster your storage security!


For a comprehensive set of recommendations for the secure deployment, configuration, and operation of storage resources, check out NIST Special Publication on Securing Storage

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Avoiding Insurance Bad Faith Claims: A Guide for Policyholders and Insurers

Bad faith litigation remains complex and risky due to unprecedented legal developments and challenges that continue to emerge. Recent court rulings highlight how insurance companies can still be accountable for bad faith if they unreasonably refuse to pay a legitimate claim or settle a third-party claim or lawsuit and the policyholder wins at trial. As the evolving regulatory landscape continues to bring new issues that could affect how “bad faith” applies in future cases, insurers should stay informed to effectively manage their business operations in compliance with legal requirements. On the policyholder side, certain states recognize “reverse bad faith” as a cause of action assertable by insurers, and in other states insurers can assert the insured’s bad faith or misconduct as an affirmative defense to bad faith claims. The speakers will address issues policyholders might face in these jurisdictions.