By: Editorial Staff, Date: February 18th, 2022

As digital technologies continue to transform business operations in almost every sector, cybercriminals are also scurrying to take hold of large quantities of data that they can use for their interests. And they’re only going to step up their efforts in exploiting third-party connections to achieve big data scores. Thus, companies should stay updated with the latest security solutions to gain an edge against cybersecurity hazards. Join us as we explore effective and efficient tools and strategies that will keep your IT infrastructure safe in these rapidly evolving cyber threats.

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Manoj K. Srivastava
General Manager, Security Suite

Manoj Srivastava, a technically skilled elite, is our first resource person to share valuable insights in the field of cybersecurity. With over twenty years of industry experience, Manoj’s skills in business acumen have been remarkably known, particularly in structuring defense strategies to prevent and counter cyber threats. He founded a leading cloud application security company Graphus, which employs patented artificial intelligence (AI) technology that eliminates cyberattacks. This automated security platform specifically guards against phishing, spear phishing, social engineering, scams, and other malware attacks. Discover the best-recommended tools and tactics from this distinguished expert to navigate your IT infrastructure towards better, safer cyberspace.

Melissa Krasnow
VLP Law Group LLP

Our next speaker is a prominent national and international technical speaker and author, Melissa Krasnow. She is an experienced corporate consultant on privacy, data security, cyber governance, data breaches/incidents, and other technology matters. Melissa also devises the U.S., Canada, and GDPR incident response plans, preparing written information security programs. She can certainly elaborate on the complex world of cybersecurity for being a well-versed practitioner who is also fond of documenting and sharing her knowledge. Moreover, Melissa advises companies in terms of compliance and prepares technology policies and terms for website and mobile applications. She also works on negotiating cyber-related legal and contractual issues.

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