By: Editorial Staff, Date: March 10th, 2022

Vendor Insight – a Vendor Risk Management (VRM) solution offered by Mitratech – was recently named as a top performer and technology leader in the 2021 SPARK Matrix Report, cementing Miratech’s position as a worldwide leader in risk management.

Mitratech is a technology provider that offers solutions for corporate legal professionals, risk and compliance professionals, and HR professionals that are designed to help them boost productivity and mitigate risk through improved operational alignment and increased visibility throughout their organization. Mitratech was founded in 1987 and today serves 1,800 organizations across 160 different countries.

In an analysis of the global VRM platform market performed by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, Mitratech was ranked as a top performer and technology leader in the risk management space based on the following criteria:

  • · Sophistication of Technology
  • · Product Strategy
  • · Performance
  • · Competitive Differentiation
  • · Market Presence
  • · Application Diversity
  • · Scalability
  • · Ease of Deployment
  • · Customer Service Excellence
  • · Vision and Roadma
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Speaking on why Mitratech was chosen ahead of its competitors, Pradnya Gugale, an Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, said, “Mitratech’s ability to cater to diverse use cases, robust product strategy, and strong industry expertise has received a high rating across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact.”

The CEO of Mitratech Mike Williams, meanwhile, said “We are honored that our VRM offering was recognized as a leader in this prestigious report. This report validates the accelerated adoption of Mitratech technologies to bring automation, efficiency, and control to manage third party risk. With our acquisition of Alyne, Mitratech’s risk management portfolio now encompasses VRM as well as cyber security, ESG, policy management, data privacy, and more, in a single platform.”

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