By: Editorial Staff, Date: May 2nd, 2022

When a business reports big profits, it always gets the market’s attention. When the same company aims for the moon with its expected future profit targets, the same company gets accolades or raised eyebrows, depending on the confidence in that company’s leadership. That’s the case with working capital fintech C2FO, which just pegged a growth of $200 million in four years. The company already has a revenue base of $1 trillion.

Similar to many other online intermediaries, C2FO works as a digital environment- provider. Their website facilitates the ability for buyers and suppliers to come together digitally and work out fast payments. Every transaction that is completed generates a fee payment for C2FO as a commission. While the platform started small, it has spent a decade growing, now easily managing $100 billion in various account cash flows, and processing early supplier payments. The last two years doubled that business capacity by another $100 billion. Clearly, the exponential expansion of the company’s platform capacity has been eye-opening, as well as profit in terms of transaction fees generated. No surprise then, C2FO’s executive officer, Sandy Kemper, targeting $1 trillion is no longer so shocking in context.


The zeal for going higher is reflected in the numbers of C2FO’s channels. They now see trillions of dollars of business available, yet their current share of the revenue possible is only 5 percent. Clearly, there is room for expansion, even if other players caught on and competed. And that room is massive at the moment, begging for C2FO to penetrate it deeper. No surprise, the strategic aim of the company is to take full advantage of the availability and monetize it accordingly.

Working on an international level, C2FO operates with a footprint in all the major commerce market locations geographically, connecting with buyers and suppliers across borders and timezones. That synergy plus C2FO’s transaction platform for early payment processing is incredibly appealing for shipping players in manufacturing who want to take advantage of globalization and wider operating markets, including greater access to consumers, buyers, supply resources, and shippers. Whether it’s India, Central and South America or Asia, C2FO has been making inroads simultaneously, and the connections are paying off with their current growth. Now the challenge is to sustain the trajectory.

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