By: Editorial Staff, Date: October 28th, 2021

While technology breakthroughs continue to surprise businesses in the United States, both from the government and private sectors, doing business online has become more feasible and promising to the greatest extent.  The proliferation of online platforms such as emails, websites, online meetings, social media, messaging apps, etc. has made it possible for any business to thrive, even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thus, fast access to a company’s data has remained as important as the business itself.  That is why, what Information Governance (IG) does is to help manage electronic information and give it its most beneficial market value, while helping the top officers in their decision-making, as well.

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Discernible as it plainly looks, data retention and preservation strategies are critical to the overarching function of IG. While a good IG program encompasses preparation, data management, human resources, and financial allocations, sound policies across all the company’s departments may be the key to safeguarding possible “silos” in any organization and ensuring robust compliance.

Reaping the benefits of a good IG program is next to having data sources, participation of all employees at all levels, and necessary resources. In the survey conducted by the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) and Pagefreezer, some of the challenges that are being faced by most organizations as regards implementing an IG program range from ”lack of time and workforce, support, tools, and budgetary constraints”, among others.

But solutions to these hurdles could not be far behind! As businesses are recognizing a good IG program as indispensable, the more confident they have become to invest in its improvement, too. Click on for a host of “quantitative insights into the IG maturity level” and re-discover for yourselves the far-reaching effects of Information Governance, most especially eDiscovery.

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