Upsurge in Child Abuse Cases in Massachusetts


Massachusetts is one of the nation’s toughest law enforcers for child abuse reporting with menacing fines and other penalties for the failure to report suspected cases. However, child abuse and neglect cases in the state have recently piled up to 12, 818 reports resulting in a 4.3% increase from the prior fiscal year, according to a new report from the Massachusetts District Attorneys (MDAA). “The pandemic put a complete halt to the normal flow of child welfare cases, from initial reports through to treatment programs and court procedures,” Rachel Gwaltney, executive director of the Children’s League [...]

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Ethical Guide to Child Abuse Reporting


The legal process in child abuse and neglect cases is complex. Thus, legal practitioners carry heavy ethical and legal obligations in protecting children from maltreatment. Equipped with in-depth knowledge in Child Abuse Reporting, they help their clients in caring for their families and children while fulfilling their mandate with utmost ethical accountability. Join our upcoming webcast on The Hows and Whys of Child Abuse Reporting: A Comprehensive Ethical Guide for Lawyers Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

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Biometrics & Privacy: Why Is It Important?


The use of biometrics has redefined the norm of human authentication across different industries today. However, it has also raised some privacy challenges. Take a quick look below! Click here to learn more about our upcoming webcast on BIPA Class Action Litigation Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

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Google Pays $100 Million to Settle BIPA Lawsuit


The innovative applications of biometric technology continue to expand, bringing a trailblazing option for organizations such as mobile-based access and touchless solutions. As it provides both digital and physical identity verification with less face time with other individuals, it has been a highly preferred tool in the course of COVID-19 and even in post-pandemic time, resulting in a surge in demand. While every individual can be tracked by biometric technology based on unique physical characteristics, all information is collected and processed by employers and other businesses. For instance, Google’s Face Grouping feature, similar to Facebook's Face [...]

Google Pays $100 Million to Settle BIPA Lawsuit2022-06-15T05:06:29-04:00

CEO of Toronto’s Juno College Plans 100% Employee Ownership


If you’re a CEO of a growing company, does it make sense to plan your eventual job end by handing over your position to your employees? For many executive officers, that would probably garner either a cringe or a laugh, but for Heather Payne, it’s the strategic goal for Juno College of Technology in Toronto. If all goes well, Payne will step down as CEO, and the company that she has built as an incubator for startups will transfer to the ownership of her staff. Employee ownership is a less-traveled road when it comes to [...]

CEO of Toronto’s Juno College Plans 100% Employee Ownership2022-06-09T05:46:57-04:00

The Vital Role of Patent Portfolio Management in Your Business


Innovative business leaders must recognize the significant role of strategic patent portfolio management as part of achieving growth and efficiency for the company. Take a look at our infographic below to find out how you can confidently manage your patent portfolios! Interested in learning more about patent portfolio management (PPM)? Play this webcast recording where industry experts discussed PPM tools and best practices! Turn IP assets into a competitive advantage, connect with PatSnap! Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back [...]

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India’s Legal Circles Are Giving ADR a Serious Look


While few will argue that the modern court systems in many developed countries are bogged down with too many cases, the rush to use alternative dispute resolution options also raises folks’ attention. Typically referred to as ADR, these options generally include arbitration, binding mediation, and non-binding mediation to resolve issues that otherwise would continue to plod along waiting for their day in court and a trial. However, for many legal experts, ADR is the ideal path for solving the traffic jam and moving issues along that probably never should have gone to trial in the first [...]

India’s Legal Circles Are Giving ADR a Serious Look2022-06-13T01:22:24-04:00

DOJ Lost a Big Antitrust Criminal Case Against DaVita


In the world of federal trials, especially where the Department of Justice is involved, going to trial is high risk. The DOJ generally touts a 97% win rate, mainly because, with the stakes so high in such cases, the high majority of defendants plea bargain and settle. However, every once in a while, a case comes along where the feds don’t have the stronger case, and the defendant wins. That just happened in the case of the dialysis giant DaVita and its former CEO, Kent Thiry. The case allegations charged Thiry and his company, DaVita, with [...]

DOJ Lost a Big Antitrust Criminal Case Against DaVita2022-06-13T01:43:52-04:00

Oracle Ranked as Leader in AML Defenses


Quadrant Knowledge Solutions has released its latest SPARK Matrix analysis, an industry benchmark report specific to anti-money laundering (AML) technology. The review rates both customer support and impact as well as technology performance with regards to system deliverables. Oracle has taken the top spot, scoring the highest ratings versus its peers in the industry both on the customer side as well as on technological infrastructure aspects. The SPARK Matrix has been used regularly to understand the movement and response of technology and anti-crime systems to money laundering. Covering everything from major vendors to development trends and [...]

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Potential Asbestos Hazard in East Cleveland


East Cleveland homeowners have voiced their concern over the potential asbestos hazard at a demolition site in their neighborhood. One of them was Billy Reaves who has lived in the place for 28-years. She was extremely bothered about the asbestos-contaminated demolition debris which was left uncovered and could affect everyone in the area. The amount of asbestos potentially available to go airborne could, in Reaves' opinion, spread across the neighborhood, blown by local winds daily. It’s been at least five weeks since the original building was torn down and left in a pile of rubble, but [...]

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U.S. Lauds Taiwan on Trade Secrets Protections


In an indirect snub to mainland China and expected support of Taiwan, the U.S. federal government made a clear and distinct notice of support to the island country’s trade secrets protections, incorporating the statement in a broader policy statement on fighting online piracy. Integrated within the 2022 Special 301 Report, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) under Ambassador Katherine Tai reasserted the Biden Administration’s push to emphasize solidarity with Taiwan but doing so without direct saber-rattling. Using economic risk and trade piracy as the forum instead, the USTR lauded Taiwan along with European [...]

U.S. Lauds Taiwan on Trade Secrets Protections2022-06-13T04:45:25-04:00

Crypto Bank Violated Anti-Money Laundering Rules


As the march towards increased regulation of cryptocurrency activity becomes more and more formalized, additional entities and financial institutions will find themselves increasingly scrutinized by the federal government if they engage in crypto activities. That was the case for Anchorage Digital Bank National Association and its failure to comply with new anti-money laundering requirements. Anchorage Digital received the green light to operate financially as an institution when it obtained a national trust bank charter from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) in January 2021. As part of the approval, the institution was also [...]

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Antitrust Bill Scares Big Tech


If some remember, when the federal government decided to tear apart AT&T, better known as Ma Bell at the time, it pretty much utilized the anti-trust statutes to break the phone company apart and dissolve its monopoly. The same dormant muscle is starting to twitch again when it comes to monster tech companies like Google and Amazon. Both corporations have grown to an immense size, and that has given the current Administration, particularly, the Justice Department, the impetus to prevent the tech giants from unfairly favoring their products and services over their competitors. Anti-Trust Power is [...]

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Patent Portfolio Management Today


A well-managed portfolio provides invaluable rewards to companies, thus business leaders must recognize the value of having sound patent portfolio management (PPM) strategies. Below is an important insight you shouldn’t miss about PPM! Explore best practices and tools in patent portfolio management, get this Webcast recording. Want to turn IP assets into a competitive advantage? Get in touch with PatSnap! Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

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Tencent Faces Huge Anti-Money Laundering Fine


Tencent is not a new name in Asian technology markets. However, finding their moniker in the list of confirmed criminal operations isn’t something one sees every day. Unfortunately, for the tech giant’s management, Beijing has other opinions working in full force. The Chinese government has identified Tencent as directly responsible for serious money management violations spelled out in financial regulations. The punishment will set records for how much Tencent will have to pay out in retribution. China has made 2021 the year that it got rid of massive crypto mining, but what was not overtly visible [...]

Tencent Faces Huge Anti-Money Laundering Fine2022-04-17T21:07:51-04:00
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