Unfair Insurance Tactics


Have you ever wondered what a bad faith insurance claim is? In this infographic, we shed light on the typical instances of unfair practices that policyholders encounter when dealing with insurance companies. Discover effective strategies for protecting your rights! Join our upcoming webinar Insurance and Bad Faith Litigation: Latest Updates and Risk Mitigation Strategies. Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

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Bad Faith Insurance: How It Happens and How to Prove?


Bad faith insurance explained Bad faith insurance refers to a situation where an insurance company acts dishonestly towards its policyholders and fails to fulfil its contractual obligations in dealing with a policyholder's claim or engages in deceptive practices to deny or delay the payment of a valid claim. Insurance companies have a legal duty to act in good faith when handling claims, thus they’re expected to process claims promptly, thoroughly investigate them, and make a fair settlement offer when appropriate. Related Webinar: Insurance and Bad Faith Litigation: Latest Updates and Risk Mitigation Strategies Bad faith [...]

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Preserving Attorney-Client Privilege: Recommended Approaches


What is attorney-client privilege? Legal privilege, also known as attorney-client privilege or lawyer-client privilege, is a legal concept that protects the confidentiality of communications between an attorney and their client. In the context of internal investigations, legal privilege can play a significant role. When an organization conducts an internal investigation, it often engages external legal counsel to provide advice and guidance. The purpose of involving lawyers is to ensure that the investigation is conducted in a legally compliant manner and to protect the organization's interests. Legal privilege in internal investigations means that communications between the organization, [...]

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Fund Formation 101: A Beginner’s Guide


If you're new to the world of finance, you may have heard the terms "hedge funds" and "private equity funds" thrown around. But what do they actually mean? In this article, we'll explore the basics of hedge fund and private equity fund formation and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. What is a Hedge Fund? A hedge fund is an investment fund that is managed by professionals and usually only open to affluent individuals and institutional investors. However, unlike mutual funds, which are regulated by the SEC and required to disclose their holdings, hedge [...]

Fund Formation 101: A Beginner’s Guide2023-05-11T02:15:08-04:00

What’s New in Executive Compensation Disclosures?


Over the past few months, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has released a series of new rules that affect executive compensation and compel board compensation committees to take immediate steps. Keep on reading to discover the key updates on executive compensation disclosures by the SEC. SEC's Role in Regulating Executive Compensation The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plays a crucial role in regulating executive compensation and ensuring that publicly traded companies provide transparency and accountability in their compensation practices. The SEC requires publicly traded companies to disclose information about their executive compensation plans, including details [...]

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Foodservice Manufacturing [Top Sustainable Practices]


From sourcing sustainable ingredients to reducing food waste and optimizing packaging, companies are stepping up to the plate and implementing sustainable practices. Find out more in this infographic! Sign up for our webcast –How Manufacturers are Outselling the Competition with More Informed Customer Relationships Need help in restaurant supply chain decisions? Get in touch with ArrowStream Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

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Strategies for Patenting AI Innovations


Protecting AI inventions can be challenging due to their complex and multifaceted nature. This infographic provides insights into the strategies companies can use to patent their AI innovations Join our webinar: Exploring the AI Patent Landscape: Emerging Top Trends and Shifts to Watch For Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

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Key Issues Surrounding AI Patenting


The ascendance of artificial intelligence (AI) related technologies continues to reflect in patent filing trends. While there are many challenges associated with AI patenting, there are also many opportunities for innovation and growth. As the field continues to evolve, staying updated is vital for regulators, patent offices, and inventors. Keep on reading to discover the key issues surrounding AI patenting. Patentability of AI Inventions The first issue to consider is whether AI inventions are patentable. In general, patent law allows for the patenting of any new and useful AI inventions and it must meet the [...]

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6 Warning Signs of a Privileged Account Attack


As ransomware tactics continue to grow in frequency, privileged accounts and sensitive information are placed at high risk. Here are the warning signs of a privileged account attack. Need help? Get in touch with Delinea –a proven leader in privileged access management Join our webinar: Ransomware Prevention and Response: Safeguarding Your System Beyond the Perimeter   Upcoming Webcasts Upcoming Webcasts back

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10 Top Practices to Prevent Ransomware


Ransomware remains to be a damaging type of malware designed to block access to data bases, files, and systems. Cyber attackers extort their targets by demanding ransom money in exchange for the safe return of their data. Ransomware attacks have victimized and crippled multiple organizations worldwide. Ransomware is a growing threat to users and organizations, and as the attack landscape evolves, new ransomware variants and extortion schemes are expected to be launched by cybercriminals. Severe attacks can disrupt normal operations, resulting in significant financial losses and reputational damage, making ransomware prevention even more important to mitigate [...]

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7 Significant Changes to Electronic Recordkeeping by Broker-Dealers


On January 3, 2023, the SEC adopted amendments to the Exchange Act Rule 17a-4(f) concerning electronic recordkeeping to consider technology-neutral concepts. This modification adds an audit-trail alternative to the “write once, read many" or “WORM” approach, requiring broker-dealers to use an electronic recordkeeping system that maintains and preserves electronic records while allowing the recreation of an original copy if it is updated or deleted.  This article presents a list of the significant changes and critical considerations in adapting to the new audit trail alternative based on the chart recently published by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority [...]

7 Significant Changes to Electronic Recordkeeping by Broker-Dealers2023-03-01T02:44:52-05:00

6 Security Challenges You Should Be Wary Of


The proliferation of ransomware and cybercrimes has become the norm as the world becomes hyper-connected. Watch out for these 6 cybersecurity challenges!   Join our webinar: Data Security Management: Common Threats and Best Practices to Bolster Defenses   Upcoming Webcasts Related Webcasts back

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3 Main Components of Data Security


With the proliferation of data breaches, understanding how to defend against common data security threats is critical for businesses and organizations across the globe. In this article, we will discuss data security management and its key components. But first, what is Data Security Management? In today’s digital age, data is becoming more and more accessible, but with this accessibility comes a greater responsibility to safeguard sensitive data. Data security management, therefore, involves creating processes and protocols to secure data from external threats, as well as internal threats, such as data manipulation or data leakage. In [...]

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4 Main Phases of a Cyber Incident Response Plan


Get to know the 4 main phases of a Cyber Incident Response Plan in this infographic! Need more help? Join our upcoming webcast! Cyber Insurance and Cyber Incident Response: Preventing Catastrophic Consequences and Damages Upcoming Webcasts Related Webcasts back

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Before you purchase cyber insurance – read this!


As cyberattacks become more sophisticated and damaging, organizations are searching for cyber insurance that could cover the potential risks. And this has brought significant challenges for insurers as predicting the future of cyber risks is never easy. Moreover, the lack of historical data, the market uncertainties, and the legal battles over fundamental issues continue to add up to these difficulties. Thus, it is also important to match your expectations with reality before purchasing cyber insurance for your organization. What is cybersecurity insurance? Also referred to as cyber liability insurance, it’s an insurance policy that protects [...]

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